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Open Air Trampoline

Bounce and flip off the Walls, at Awezone Trampoline Park! The open air trampoline is over 20 metres long with 18 connected trampolines! While its name is misleading, these trampolines are located undercover to shield you from the rainy weather. This section of the trampoline park is used by many to test out skill, endurance and speed. Navigating their way from one end of the trampoline to the other by bouncing once on each individual trampoline is among the activities performed in this area. Have you got the ability? Why not visit Awezone Trampoline Park to put yourself to the test!

For safety reasons, the following is NOT permitted on the open air trampoline

  • Double bouncing
  • Double flips
  • Shoes
  • Climbing up the wall pads
  • Belt buckles, studded clothing or loose objects
  • Gum
  • Sitting on the trampolines
  • Multiple participants on one trampoline

For YOUR safety ensure that you have your eyes up at all time so as to avoid head on collisions. Remember to jump within your abilities.

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10 Sep, 2014



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