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Foam Pit Trampoline

Flip in to the Foam Pit Trampoline!

Launch into Awezone Trampoline Park most popular trampoline area, the Foam Pit! Toddlers, teenagers and adults alike are presented with the opportunity to expend some energy. Do you enjoy long jump, high jump or simply enjoy the thrill of being in the air? A trampoline provides a run up before you leap into the air and land safely in our foam blocks.

Good luck getting out of the foam, this is where socks and all sort of accessories get eaten, so hold onto your socks as you make your way out of the foam pit. No jewellery or mobile phones are permitted on the trampolines as they are most likely to be lost.

For safety reasons the following is NOT permitted in the Foam pit area

  • Diving
  • Double bouncing
  • Back flips
  • Double flips
  • Shoes
  • Belt buckles, studded clothing or loose objects
  • Gum
  • Sitting on the trampolines
  • Multiple participants in the foam per lane

The foam pit is comprised of 3 lanes to choose from, for safety ensure only one person is jumping into the foam per lane to allow for maximum enjoyment and avoid injury. Please allow the previous participant time to climb out of the foam pit before proceeding to jump in. Avoid landing head first in the foam and ensure you gain forward motion to clear the trampoline pads before landing.

Remember to jump within your abilities.

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10 Sep, 2014



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