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Trampoline Dodgeball

Are you ready to test your Reflexes? Here at Awezone Trampoline Park our indoor trampolines allow you to dodge, dip, dive and duck come rain or shine. A typical dodgeball game is played on an indoor volleyball or basketball court, or a football oval. However, Awezone Trampoline Park has taken dodgeball to the next level!!!

How about Dodgeball on a trampoline?!?! Yes, our indoor Trampoline Park is equipped with 1 trampoline dodgeball court for sports birthday parties, team building and indoor play for children and adults alike.

If you have a bit of a competitive edge, see our dodgeball competition tab to register a team

For safety reasons the following is NOT permitted in the dodgeball courts

  • No more than 2 participants per mat
  • Double bouncing
  • Kicking the dodgeballs
  • Double flips
  • Shoes
  • Climbing up the wall pads
  • Belt buckles, studded clothing or loose objects
  • Gum
  • Sitting on the trampolines
  • Head shots

Dates and time slots subject to availability, book now to avoid disappointment.



10 Sep, 2014



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