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Weight Loss benefits

Need motivation? Jump onto one of our trampolines. Not only is it fun but just 10 minutes of jumping is the equivalent of a 30 minute run.

Jumping on a trampoline causes weight loss which is promoted through the combination of cardiovascular exercise and in the strengthening of muscles, it also assists in burning calories and increasing your oxygen capacity. It’s the most enjoyable and beneficial way of losing weight.

Strength and Vitality

Did you know the core and leg muscles begin strengthening within minutes of partaking in trampoline activities! Not only does jumping strengthen muscles, it strengthens bones as well! It also works your heart muscle through cardiovascular endurance, so jumping at Awezone will improve your strength, vitality and your immune system! By doing so you will be preventing future broken or fractured bones, osteoporosis and reducing the risk of arthritis.

Balance & Coordination

Ever feel like you lack balance? Tried yoga and just can’t keep standing on one leg? You can easily improve your balance and coordination by simply going onto a trampoline. The unsteady feel of the trampoline surface stimulates muscles in the feet and ankles in order to promote awareness, therefore your body needs to make adjustments to promote balance. On a trampoline both sides of the brain are required to coordinate movement of the extremities and maintain balance simultaneously.

Mental Health

Learning and accomplishing new skills on the trampoline can dramatically increase an individual’s self-confidence. By doing this fun yet physically beneficial activity you will feel more revitalised and proud of your new fitness level. Test your limits and overcome them by jumping today.

Exercise physiology research has shown that intense movement activities increase the levels of serotonin, dopamine and endorphin’s in the brain, all of which contribute to positive feelings and stress reduction

Trampolining provides an outlet to expel energy resulting in an increase in concentration and a positive state of mind.

To get the most out of these benefits and for optimal weight loss results, it is recommended to jump on a trampoline three to four times a week for twenty to thirty minutes combined with healthy eating.

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01 Aug, 2016



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