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Trampolining can result in injury, paralysis or even death. Please read carefully.

Assumption of Risk. Participation in trampoline activities is an inherently dangerous recreational activity and involves a level of risk that each participant must evaluate on their own. By using this facility, you are assuming a risk of serious injury or death.

By using our facilities it is understood that you have read and agree with our terms and conditions, waiver agreement and rules.

You must abide by the rules and regulations displayed at Awezone Trampoline Park and follow the directions of Awezone Trampoline Park staff- this is a condition of entry.

Any person under the age of 18 years must have a waiver agreement signed by a responsible adult, legal guardian or parent.

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied & supervised by a responsible adult, legal guardian or parent at all times.

All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Our sessions run on the hour for an hour. If you are late for your session, your booking is automatically cancelled with no refund.

Awezone Trampoline Park is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Awezone Trampoline Park has a strict no outside food & drink policy.

Your booking may be cancelled if you do not abide by our terms and conditions. This includes being reckless or dangerous, not following staff instructions or conducting yourself in an anti-social manner.

Swearing, bullying or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.

Intoxicated or drug affected people will not be permitted on the premises.

Entry to our facilities is at the discretion of the management of Awezone Trampoline Park.

AweZone Trampoline Park Rules

  • MUST wear approved Awezone Trampoline Park Grip Socks for safety and hygiene
  • Only 1 jumper at a time on each trampoline base
  • Jumpers less than 110cm in height must only jump in the designated safety lane
  • DO NOT land head first or on your knees in the pit
  • DO NOT bury yourself under the pit blocks
  • DO NOT attempt skills you cannot do by yourself safely
  • DO NOT pick the foam pit blocks apart
  • DO NOT throw foam blocks
  • NO Rough housing, wrestling, running, shoving, tackling or tag
  • NO Diving
  • NO double flips
  • NO climbing on wall pads
  • NO gum, food or drink on trampolines or platform
  • NO wearing shoes on trampolines
  • NO ONE is allowed on trampolines without a signed waiver and appropriate wristband
  • YOU Jump at your own risk and within your own abilities
  • REMOVE jewellery and empty pockets before jumping
  • Get forward motion so you clear the trampoline and pads
  • DO Smile…You’re on Camera.
  • Be aware of other jumpers.
  • YOU must read the rules sign before entering to trampolines.